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  • SSD can keep data *only* for limited time. The latest technologies MLD and 3D allow more data to be stored, but *reduce robustness*. For high robustness - use SLC devices ("Single Level Cell") and make regular backups

  • Can We KNOW the System is Secure? - the security testing companies told us "there is no 100% guarantee"

Embedded World 2017 - report from the exhibition

Visiting the Embedded World 2017 exhibition & conference in Nürnberg, Germany, March 14-16, 2017


Main topics: IoT, Connectivity, Security, Sensors, Automotive industry, Hardware Suppliers

Other topics: Autonomous Driving, In-Vehicle Electronics, Automotive Infotainment, IoT Interoperability, Sence/Store/Connect, Smart Devices/House/City, Testing, Hardware, Tools, Application Software, Services

Table of Content:

  • Overview
  • Why visit?
  • Facts
  • Conferences
  • Our Review - Exhibitors, Products, Technologies in 2017
  • Articles

Why visit?

You are able to interact with innovative demonstrations for embedded solutions enabling the IoT in different areas: from smart cars to smart industry.

It is an opportunity to discuss technologies/trends/solutions, share your views, create new business contacts and build the basis for new projects.

To Know: what is really going on in the constantly increasing range of topics all to do with the development of embedded systems.

Meet us at the Exhibition

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Embedded  World 2017


Visitors: 30,000 | exhibitors: 1,020 | 40 countries | since 2003 |


Official motto in 2017: "Securely Connecting the Embedded World"

Main Topics: Internet of Things, Safety and Security, Software and System Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Embedded OS.

The main Conference sessions in 2017:

  • Internet of Things, Strategic Aspects
  • Connectivity – Wireless Technologies
  • Connectivity - Network Technologies & Connectivity for Automotive Industry
  • High Performance Embedded Architectures
  • Sensoring and processing technology
  • Automotive safety & Smart drivers
  • Software Frameworks for the IoT, for IoT Devices
  • Security: Secure Communication
  • Security: for Automotive, for Industry

Embedded  World 2017

Our Review - Ahead of what’s possible

Have you ever dreamt about unbelievable self-driving vehicles or an autonomous robot that takes customer orders, cooks and serves bratwurst without any human interference? IT specialists at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2017 in Nürnberg (Nuremberg) have state-of-the-art solutions for you ― some exciting top dreams of human beings are no longer vain phantasies! Embedded systems developers presented impressive cutting-edge technologies that erase sharp boundaries between unbelievable dreams and great ideas that someday may integrate into everyday life and optimize conventional lifestyle dramatically.

Embedded  World 2017

Many of yesterday's ideas became a product today.

Today’s devices are getting smaller and more powerful introducing digitalization to every aspect of our life. Innovative embedded technologies breathe life into things by implanting electronic intelligence into them so they can easily perform human activities like mental activity and physical movement. Technically speaking, IT specialists enable things to be smart by embedding compact plates with software inside them. What’s more, things no longer live in isolation ― they live in a connected world! Smart things communicate with each other and humans via the Internet, enhancing such areas as telecommunication systems, industrial and consumer electronics, aerospace, healthcare, driving, cooking and even harvesting, thus integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into contemporary life.

Each year the Embedded World ― the world’s biggest annual exhibition and conference focused on embedded technologies ― offers the embedded community the opportunity to share and obtain information about new products and innovations, maintain and develop valuable contacts and business relations. The keynote of this year’s exhibition was "Securely Connecting the Embedded World" theme, which covered solutions for the security of embedded systems in the industrial sector. At the top of the agenda were the reliability of electronic systems, distributed intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Embedded  World 2017

Virtual reality in Industrial Applications.

During three days exhibitors and visitors were able to discuss and experience the latest developments in the Embedded Technologies. The big news of recent conference was that fully automated autonomous vehicles are already on its way to the market. For example, BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye teamed up to bring solutions for automated driving into series production by 2021. The companies are convinced that automated driving technologies will make travel safer and easier. The goal of their collaboration is to develop future-proof solutions that enable drivers to not only take their hands off the steering wheel, but reach the so-called “eyes off” and ultimately the “mind off” level transforming the driver’s in-car time into leisure or work time. This breakthrough embedded project lays the groundwork for the technology of future mobility, which enables fully autonomous driving to become a reality within the next few years!

Embedded  World 2017

BMW plans to present the autonomous driving in 2021.

Analog Devices uses embedded technologies to bridge the digital and analog worlds. The company’s motto “Ahead of what’s possible” fully reflects the nature of the presented at the exhibition innovations, which have been designed by the engineers of the company to solve the problems of tomorrow and complex, important challenges. Analog Devices works successfully developing such solutions of tomorrow as, for instance, smart sensors that monitor and gather useful data for all imaginable purposes including harvesting. Small smart chips can gather and process, for example, information about temperature, humidity, etc. on the field making cropping a low-risk business. Multipurpose sensors were also presented by Texas Instruments and NXP Semiconductors.

Embedded  World 2017

Demonstration of using sensors in Smart City, by Analog Devices.

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology in collaboration with Basler AG company, which deals with premium quality industrial cameras for a wide range of applications on international scale, have presented a robot BratWurst Bot. This automatic grilling machine served unlimited number of Bratwurst (famous juicy German sausages) without any hesitation or delay to the guests of the world’s largest meeting of the international embedded community using a pair of RGB cameras and some custom management software to cook the sausage to perfection. This robotic novelty is impressive in its own way, but what's even more notable is that BratWurst Bot is constructed entirely from off-the-shelf parts. It's more than just a fun project though, FZI built the bot to show how flexible service robotics has become, demonstrating a feasible robot cook that can act all on its own.

Embedded  World 2017

BratWurts Bot - Robot frying sausages.

The Embedded World Exhibition & Conference has impressively spanned the entire spectrum of hardware, software and tools for the development of embedded systems this year, helping international embedded community to get more from technology so that everyone can get more from life.

Embedded  World 2017

Forum and Conferences - attracted many people to share info about embedded systems.

It was a great experience for Garantis IT Solutions to visit this leading international trade fair. Our company had an exciting opportunity to explore latest solutions, designs and accessories in the field of embedded software development and to share our embedded technology competence with international partners. Being a part of the embedded community, our specialists develop and deliver solutions using a wide spectrum of embedded technologies that make products and our world smarter.

Embedded  World 2017

GARANTIS team at Intel stand. Looking at the future of autonomous driving through Microsoft Hololens.
You can see the "virtual" data flowing from car's sensors into the central on-board computer, the data connection to 5G base station, near-by cars are detected and shown as "obstacles".

Our Review - Exhibitors, Products, Technologies in 2017

In Details

  • Intel - Autonomous driving in 2021 with BMW

    Intel demonstrated (in virtual reality) the future results of collaboration with BMW for Autonomous Driving. Through the HollowLense (microsoft) you could see the real BMW car and "virtual" data flowing from sensors into the car and from car to the 5G network. This is the future Intel predicts: 5G + IoT + Autonomous Driving.

    Technologies & Tools presented:
    -HW - IoT board(s)
    -SW - studio for marking video
    -SW - for teaching the Neuro Networks to recognize road markings and signs

  • Topic: Security for Consumer Devices and in Automotive & Industrial Applications

    Companies in this area: Infineon, ARM, Intel, Fraunhofe SIT - secure information technology, etc.

  • Sensors

    in-house sensors, environment sensors, for cars. Smart sensors that monitor and gather data for all imaginable purposes including harvesting optimization. Sensors were presented by Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, NXP.

  • Low power system

    S32K - Security, CAN-FD & low power enabled ARM Cortex MCUs for Automotive & Industrial Applications

About Location - Nürnberg

Nürnberg (also written as "Nuremberg") - a city in the South of Germany, 170 km from München. First documentary mention of the city was in 1050. Today it is the second-largest city in Bavaria (after Munich), with many technology-oriented companies.

What to do & see:

  • subway system that works without a driver
    Since 2008, Nuremberg has had the first U-Bahn in Germany (U2/U21 and U3) that works without a driver. It also was the first subway system worldwide in which both driver-operated trains and computer-controlled trains shared tracks.
  • local beer
    The Frankonia area has the biggest number of Beer Breweries. You can try different sorts of local beer: rot (red), dark, white, kellerbeer, etc.
  • visit
    Opera, Planetarium, and many museums ("Train", "Toys", "Historical", etc.)
Nürnberg City Nürnberg City Nürnberg City

Photo Gallery

The best photos from the Exhibition.

Embedded  World 2017

Some "Magic" - to attract visitors.

Embedded  World 2017

Embedded technologies and robotics can change people's life.
"Super wheel chair", which can move using stairs.

Embedded  World 2017

See you at the Embedded World 2018 !

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