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Recruiting Now

Looking for TALENTS !
- Consultants, Analysts
- Polarion ALM
- Business Process
- Public Relations
- Technical writer
- Software Developers

Expertise - Key to Success

Our consultants have successfully worked for international software companies around the world, for wide range of industries:
  • ALM - Application Lifecycle Management
  • PLM - Product Lifecycle Management
  • Polarion ALM / Siemens product
  • Embedded Systems
  • Digital Video
  • Mobile Applications
  • Client-Server Applications
  • Telecom

We were involved in short-term and long-term contracts and outsourcing services, providing support during all stages of the software development projects.

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Current Open Positions


Location Full Job Description
Software Build & Integration Engineer
GitHub, Linux, Yocto

Germany Read Full Job Description

Expert in Continuous Integration and Testing
Test Automation of embedded software

Embedded software developer
with deeper knowledge in communication bus development

Embedded software developer
for general functional implementation in C/C++

Graphic Designer
to redesign and restructure HTML pages of Polarion ALM tool

Germany Read Full Job Description

Software Engineer to customize Polarion ALM
Velocity, JavaScript

Remote Read Full Job Description
ALM Consultant
Polarion ALM, Requirements Management

UK, Germany Read Full Job Description
Business Development
Define sales stractegy. Work with clients.
Support existing projects.

UK, Germany, Remote Read Full Job Description
Technical writer, blogger
Write about exhibitions, technical articles, user manuals, etc.

Project Manager
Scrum master, Product owner, Project Manager.

UK, Germany, Remote

To Apply - send your CV

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Join us and grow your career

We hire not only for skills, but for attitude. You can learn the missing skills - we will help you.

Your work

GARANTIS offers an exciting business environment that gives people the ideal conditions to express themselves better, and to grow both personally and professionally. We recognise the value and contribution of all of our colleagues from the most junior through to the most senior.

You will meet a variety of customers and explore prospects across different companies and sectors. You will work in an international environment, which continuously offers opportunities for personal growth. Being a software development and consultancy company located in Reading, the UK - the center of British Silicon Valley - our specialists work across Europe, including Germany.

You will be confident to share your ideas and expectations with commercial and technical contacts, inspire our customers with your capability and enthusiasm.

You will enjoy the interpersonal side of productive working relationships: the pleasure of meeting together, discussing different aspects of our future, and our passions.

Your career options

We will give you the confidence and support to build a successful career in one of the following areas:

  • business analyst
  • technichal consultant
  • technichal writer
  • requirements engineer
  • communication specialist

You can start in one area, and move to other areas to build your experience across several areas.

One of our specialists says: "I started purely from a consultancy and development background and now I have experience in presales, project management, team leadership and public speaking. I also keep my eyes open to technological innovation. Without the company's trust and support, this would not have been possible."

Your development

We work to provide you with a great learning environment and will help you to grow your career by investing in you. We strongly encourage employees to take on new opportunities, and this includes opportunities to learn from each other. You will learn a huge amount through your experiences working on our projects.

We also offer training and development programs to get you started in our business quickly and efficiently. Our company believes that employees’ individual growth is strongly linked to the company's growth. Our training covers technical skills, communication skills, presentation skills, management and leadership.

Your colleagues

Our colleagues are encouraged to coach each other. In particular, more experienced colleagues mentor the younger members of the team.

By sharing knowledge and experience, we often discover that we have an existing solution to a problem or that we can find a novel answer.

Your leaders

Our technical managers bring technological innovation to our customers, grow the team and invest time in sharing their experience with you. We lead by proactive example.

Your passion

Working with GARANTIS IT Solutions is about harnessing your passion - and giving you more.

We recognise that work occupies an important place in life and the passion for our work is essential. The fact is that work takes 50% of your daily time. So why not spend this amount of time with passion, invest into self-development, achieve new horizons! Being able to work with passion is a privilege that GARANTIS IT Solutions gives to each member of its team.

Together we reach new heights of success by investing in your self-development and growing your passion.

Your opportunity

We would like to hear from you - please get in touch with us!

To Apply - send your CV

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Phone in Germany: +49 (0) 30 52 66 03 04
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