Research & Development for Polarion ALM

Scientific Research

We partner with Universities in Belarus to develope scientificaly-based and scientificaly-proved solutions to improve analysis and vizualization of data stored in Polarion ALM.

Our focus is:
  • Metrics - research
  • Vizualization - research

Quality Metrics

Using Quality Metrics you can Improve:

  • Quality of your Requirements,
  • Quality of your Planning & Progress Tracking,
  • Quality of your Completness Analysis of Source Code Implementation, QA Testing.

We are looking at questions:

  • Which key performance indicators you need to focus on to increase software quality
  • What risk metrics you need to pay attention to in order to identify and manage technical debt
  • Metrics that help you prioritize your limited resources
  • How to create your useful custom dashboards using different plug-ins


We are looking at questions:

  • advanced report pages, showing tree
  • advanced technology to show relationship between work items

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