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Telecom Projects

Our specialists participate in development and testing of protocol stacks of leading manufacturers, such as Comneon, NEC, Texas Instruments. In this section you can see what exactly they do.

  • 2009. Release 7 update of GSM/UMTS protocol stack, RR layer

    Analysis of 3gpp specifications.

    Implementation of software changes in SDL and C programmimg languages in a cross platform environment using IBM ClearCase source control system.

    Testing on host system against 3gpp specifications. Development of host test scripts for Telelogic/IBM SDT system.

  • SDT 4.2 to SDT 5.1 migration

    Migration of the Protocol Stack software and Host Tests from SDT 4.2 to SDT 5.1 (Corrections of SDT Abstract Data Types ADT, makefiles, etc).

  • Host Test environment unification, MM layer

    Reverse engineering of existing windows-based host test system written in C. Implementation of abstraction layer in C++ to enable software developers to write test cases faster.

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