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Automotive industry

Polarion ALM

Client Needs

The Customer wanted to have better control over Software Specifications, Test Cases, Project Plans and Releases. Word Documents and Excel Tables were not enough anymore.

About solution

Analysis of existing documents (specifications, stakeholder requirements, development notes). Analysis of existing Quality Assurance process. Definition of new process focused on Polarion. Create new template in Polarion, migrate documents, define new Work Items and Custom Fields, define Report Wiki Pages, Roles of users.

Customer's satisfaction

New system stores all softwrae-related documentation. Management can see current status of the project. Traceability between requirements, source code and test cases is available as default option of Polarion.

Setting ALM Scheme

POLARION: Kleanbus

Automotive Industry

Polarion ALM

Kleanbus Image

Creating sustainable vehicles with Polarion ALM.

Kleanbus, an innovative startup from the UK, is dedicated to producing clean and environment-friendly buses. They have harnessed the power of Polarion ALM to define systems and conduct analysis for functional safety ISO26262 and cybersecurity ISO214343.

We provided a comprehensive template for these ISO standards, guiding them through the implementation of a new compliance process. Key personnel were trained in both the general usage of Polarion and the specific features of our Automotive industry template.

Implementation Process

Despite initial challenges due to their unfamiliarity with Polarion, we successfully trained Kleanbus to utilize both the platform and our template.

Data Migration and Security

We facilitated the seamless migration of data from Excel and Word documents to Polarion ALM, hosted securely in the cloud. This centralized repository ensured data integrity and eliminated the need for server maintenance.

Version History

A mishap underscored the value of Polarion ALM's version control feature, enabling swift data recovery and minimizing downtime.

The Road Ahead

With Polarion ALM in place, Kleanbus is gearing up to streamline requirements management, change management, test management, and approvals using checklists and task cases.


Collaborating with Garantis IT Solutions and adopting Polarion ALM, Kleanbus has made substantial strides towards their mission of eco-friendly transportation. The adherence to ISO standards and enhanced data security have elevated their standing in the industry.

This partnership serves as a model for companies aspiring to use technology to achieve sustainability goals. ,

POLARION: IntechCore

Software Industry

Polarion ALM

IntechCore Image

Garantis IT Solutions Empowers IntechCore with Expertise in Polarion ALM

Our accomplished engineers at Garantis IT Solutions recently concluded an intensive training program centered on Polarion ALM. This comprehensive training was conducted for the esteemed team at IntechCore, a prominent player in the industry, known for their exceptional contributions to technological advancements.

Through our dedicated efforts, we have elevated the capabilities of IntechCore's team, enabling them to undertake projects with increased efficiency and precision. The training, imparted by our seasoned experts, has equipped IntechCore's professionals with the tools needed to navigate transparent processes, facilitate seamless communication, and monitor real-time changes effectively. This strategic approach significantly reduces errors and enhances overall resource utilization, ultimately fostering the delivery of projects that meet the highest quality standards.

Driving Software Development Excellence with Polarion

Polarion ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) stands as a robust platform that orchestrates the entire software development lifecycle while effectively managing project documentation. This versatile solution empowers teams to optimize each phase of their projects, leading to accelerated time-to-market, streamlined communication, and the seamless execution of development cycles.

One of the standout attributes of Polarion is its adaptability, allowing for effortless customization to suit the unique demands of each project. With Polarion, teams can leverage a range of capabilities, including:

  1. Collaboration among engineering teams.
  2. Precise tracking and documentation of changes at every stage, leading to the creation of comprehensive reports.
  3. Formulation of project requirements and rigorous testing of the resulting products.
  4. Reuse of common requirements across various projects.
  5. Integration with external tools, such as Azure DevOps, Atlassian JIRA, and HP Quality Center.

Elevating IntechCore's Proficiency through Garantis IT Solutions Training

Garantis IT Solutions, a respected consultancy firm known for its expertise in various sectors, had the privilege of conducting this specialized training for IntechCore. Our team has a proven track record of offering consulting and training programs to R&D teams in fields including automotive, medical devices, heavy machinery, and beyond.

The training sessions, conducted over 12 hours through online platforms, engaged a diverse cohort of 10 participants. Five of these participants demonstrated exceptional dedication and achieved an advanced level of proficiency. The curriculum encompassed foundational blocks A to C, covering essential platform interactions, requirement formulation, and adept test case management. Furthermore, insights gained from the advanced modules (blocks F to H) have empowered the team to tailor Polarion ALM to align precisely with the demands of IntechCore's specific projects.

Navigating the Polarion Landscape: A Holistic Learning Journey

The comprehensive training program offered by Garantis IT Solutions to IntechCore spanned across six distinct blocks:

Block A: Essentials — Introduction to platform terminology, interface navigation, and work item handling.

Block B: Views and Documents — Proficient manipulation of fields and document management within the Polarion platform.

Block C: Test Management — Skillful management of testing tasks, encompassing configuration and precise execution.

Block D: Polarion Admin Basics — Profound understanding of administration, permissions, licensing management, live report generation, and the strategic configuration of projects and roles.

Block E: Process Configuration Basics — Skillfully crafting intricate processes within Polarion, defining work item interrelationships and interactions.

Block F: Process Configuration Advanced — Harnessing advanced process configuration techniques, creating tailored document and process configurations, and devising comprehensive project management plans.

The Conclusion

The culmination of this training journey has equipped IntechCore's team with an enriched toolkit for harnessing the full potential of Polarion. This newfound proficiency extends from creating templates and custom projects to skillfully administering the platform. The most tangible outcome, however, lies in the comprehensive internal instructions that are being formulated by IntechCore's team, guided by the expertise garnered from Garantis IT Solutions' training program. These resources are poised to empower IntechCore in executing customer projects with unwavering dedication to the highest quality standards, ensuring continued success and innovation in their endeavors. ,

POLARION: Automotive Pro

Automotive Industry

Polarion ALM


Garantis continues to improve the Automotive PRO template with over 8 years of refinement and upgrades

In the realm of the Automotive industry, ensuring functional safety and efficiency is paramount. Since 2014, Garantis IT Solutions has been improving their template for the Automotive industry. This development journey, marked by collaborations with industry giants like Siemens, McLaren, Lotus, and StreetScooter, led to the creation of the PRO template for the Automotive in 2023. Delving into the features and enhancements of this advanced template, we explore how Garantis IT Solutions is improving the product development process in the Automotive industry with Polarion ALM.

The story of creation

We started our journey with adaptation of ISO 26262 Functional Safety to Polarion back in 2014/2015. In 2014 Siemens had a very basic version of the template that dealt with the Functional Safety standard. A lot of companies in the Automotive industry were quite interested in this template, so we had many requests from the customers and as they started to use this template, they also requested some improvements and customization to fit real industry criteria.

In 2020 we released our own Functional Safety template that became a basis for Siemens’ “Polarion for the Automotive”. We received an even bigger surge of customers seeking our own template, accompanied by numerous requests for additional customization and improvements from these clients. These continuous improvements are now released as “Garantis’ PRO template for the Automotive”/”Polarion for the Automotive PRO”/”ISO template for the Automotive PRO”.

Unleashing the Power of the PRO Template

The PRO template for the Automotive brings an array of additional features that meet the diverse needs of automotive companies.Throughout all these years we’ve been listening to the demands of our clients, including well-known brands such as McLaren, Lotus, and StreetScooter, and developed functionalities far superior and extensive than our template for Siemens released in 2020.

Here are some of the added functionalities:

  • Complex Workflows. -Bigger companies usually have more complex workflow and many different specialists (which means more roles for the users in Polarion and different permissions for each one of them)
  • Approval and Review system.As was mentioned before, when you have a lot of different specialists and complex workflows, your approval and review processes become more complex as well. So we added additional approval settings to our template to meet these demands
  • Usage of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and HARA (Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment).It’s an important part of product development in the Automotive industry and we not only adapted these methodologies in Polarion, so now it is empowering automotive companies with in-depth analysis and improved risk mitigation
  • Improved Design.All the methodologies that are being used for Functional Safety and Cybersecurity are quite complex, and not only we’ve performed a great job by adopting these methodologies in Polarion, we’ve also done our best to create user-friendly interfaces and meaningful visuals.
  • Additional Logic that improves Risk Calculation, Defect & Mismatch Detection Workflows
  • Task Automation.
  • Risk Calculation and Hazard Analysis.
  • Additional analysis of relationships between the items.

All this functionality was inspired by our customers and Polarion’s flexibility allows you to embody even the most ambitious ideas.

How is it different from the basic version

Initial version from 2020 that is a basis for current “Polarion for the Automotive” includes many useful features as well: ASIL Determination and Decomposition, Basic roles, and Basic workflows.

Such functionality allows you to work with Functional Safety and Cybersecurity but in our experience we didn’t have a single customer that was satisfied with just the basic features. They always wanted to improve something, add some additional functionality or apply some changes in the workflows. Even in such highly regulated industries as the Automotive, the companies have slightly different workflows and Garantis IT Solutions always did their best to adjust to customer’s needs.


Garantis IT Solutions' relentless pursuit of excellence in automotive development culminated in the creation of the PRO template for the Automotive. By collaborating with renowned companies and drawing from their vast experience across highly regulated industries (not just the Automotive, but Also Medical, Aerospace, Railway, Energy sector and so on), we have harnessed the full potential of Polarion ALM to significantly improve the automotive development process. As the automotive industry evolves, the PRO template continues to provide unparalleled functionalities, ensuring enhanced functional safety, cybersecurity, efficient workflows, and a truly transformative experience for automotive companies worldwide.

POLARION: Manitowoc

Mobile Machinery Industry

Polarion ALM

ISO 26262



If you’ve been working in the Automotive industry long enough, you probably heard about ISO 26262 standard. It regulates the development of safe components for road vehicles. But apart from road vehicles that move on highways with traffic lights, road signs, pedestrians, there is another type of automobiles - heavy industrial machines like bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, heavy cranes and so on (and you probably heard such brands as JCB, Volvo, Hitachi and many others that create such machines).

These types of vehicles are regulated by absolutely different ISO standards - they have a special 20474-1 ISO standard that describes design, construction and operation of mobile machinery. The workflows and demands are different, yet both standards have something in common. This article explores how Garantis IT Solutions successfully adapted ISO 26262 features to complement the ISO 20474-1 standard for a heavy machinery manufacturer, Manitowoc, using Polarion ALM.

Understanding the Unique Use Case

The major differences between these ISO standards are that ISO 20474-1 emphasizes the importance of risk assessment, safety measures, and training for operators and maintenance personnel while ISO 26262 aims at ensuring the safe operation of electronic systems in vehicles. When Manitowoc sought to implement functional safety principles for their heavy industrial machines, they faced a complex landscape of requirements derived from the ISO 20474-1 standard. So, we had this picture of big table sheet of requirements and we had a discussion on how to implement it in Polarion. From that we continued our discussion to understand the use case of the customer and what exactly they want. And we discovered that it's a lot more than a table sheet.They wanted to integrate FMEA and HARE tables into Polarion, including non-standard and custom tables, and export them to PDF in a horizontal format.

Additionally, they needed a risk assessment template, a safety function block template, and a project template. They also wanted us to adapt FMEA to MTW, add workflow review, testing integration with other tools, and SVN repository activation. In Polarion terms it will cover LiveDoc, special reports, special kinds of data and on top of that as every experienced and mature company they need workflows to control access to the data, who and when can read and apply changes to the data.

Navigating Challenges and Iterations

Our cooperation with Manitowoc wasn't straight-forward, we spent one or two meetings to find common ground, to understand what they need according to their special ISO standard. On the other hand the customer didn't know the full capabilities of Polarion, so we showed some examples of how the project can be improved. After that, on the third meeting we spoke a common language, we started to quickly move through the requirements, and then we implemented the first proof of concept. We had multiple iterations that followed this scheme: the customer provided their feedback and in 4-5 days we completed the changes we discussed.

Extending Manitowoc's Existing Template

Rather than migrating Manitowoc's data from their Polarion setup to a new template, Garantis IT Solutions proposed a practical solution: extending the existing Manitowoc’s template with the desired ISO 26262 functionality. New document types, reports, and workflows were integrated seamlessly, providing Manitowoc with a comprehensive and tailored solution.

Client's Satisfaction and Recommendation

Manitowoc expressed satisfaction with the Polarion implementation and when we asked them to share their opinion about Polarion ALM they responded: “I would recommend Polarion, it's a great Requirements management tool, it is easy to use and configure. For scripting a consultant is needed to speed up and create proper configuration." While Garantis IT Solutions played a vital role in scripting and configuring the solution, the success of the project emphasized the power of Polarion as a versatile Requirements Management tool.


The successful integration of ISO 26262 Functional Safety features into Manitowoc's ISO 20474-1 framework demonstrates the adaptability and flexibility of Polarion ALM. Garantis IT Solutions' collaboration with Manitowoc showcases the importance of understanding unique use cases, tailoring solutions, and harnessing the full potential of Polarion to meet diverse industry requirements. As companies like Manitowoc continue to embrace innovative solutions, Polarion remains an invaluable tool for streamlining processes and achieving compliance across various industries. ,



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