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Polarion Server Support

Support Integrations

  • Adding new plugins and additional software
  • Development of new Integrations
  • Support Integrations with other systems


  • Installation and roll-out of Polarion
  • Providing AWS Cloud solutions
  • Support ON-premise solutions on customer side

Server Maintenance

  • Upgrade of Polarion (every year on average)
  • Investigate and solve problems with CPU, Memory usage, etc
  • Pro-active preventive health-checks of database, server logs

Polarion CI/CD

  • Example of setup: 3 servers - Production, Test, License
  • CI/CD solution for Polarion


  • Efficient distribution of licenses to minimize costs
  • Scale Support (from 1 to 100 projects on one server, from 50 to 1.000 users on one server)


  • Develop and maintain company-specific templates
  • Compare templates and projects, detect changes, propagate changes to projects
  • Setup strict permissions to prevent changes in templates
  • Automatic detection of changes in project configurations

Polarion Customizations


  • Standard reports - reused by many projects
  • Specific reports - used in one project
  • Specific reports - for groups of users (QA, Managers, Engineers, etc)


  • Automation of work
  • Check and visualize data consistency - for managers and QA
  • One-time data migration/conversion
  • Presave and postsave scripts


  • We used own “Know How”, already worked solutions
  • We have delivered several templates of Polarion with big impact on industry, as example: ISO 26262 Functional Safety Template, ISO 21434 CyberSecurity Template

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